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Artikel in 'Onze Vogels' december 2014 (NBvV)

Artikel in 'Onze Vogels' juni 2013 (NBvV)

Artikel in 'Onze Vogels' mei 2013 (NBvV)

Müller MS, Roelofs Y, Erikstad KE, Groothuis TGG (2012)
Maternal Androgens Increase Sibling Aggression, Dominance,
and Competitive Ability in the Siblicidal Black-Legged Kittiwake
(Rissa tridactyla). PLoS ONE 7(10): e47763.

Artikel in 'Onze Vogels' september 2010 (NBvV)

Artikel in 'Onze Vogels' april 2010 (NBvV)

Müller MS, Goerlich VC, Roelofs YC, Dijkstra C, Groothuis TGG (2009)
Experimentally simulating chronic stress in birds: a re-evaluation of
corticosterone treatment methods.
In: Manipulative mothers: Maternal steroid hormones and avian
offspring sex ratio
(Chapter 4). Groningen: s.n.